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Hi there!

My name is Sandra, and I am a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and personal trainer. My mission and passion are teaching, coaching, and guiding others to their health, fitness, and performance goals through functional, holistic, and natural techniques.  My journey into health, fitness and nutrition may have been unconventional, however it is a story many of my clients can relate to.


Growing up, I struggled a lot with anxiety and later depression. As I became an adult, I was eventually prescribed an anti-depressant, however continued my sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle and diet. A couple of years after that, my doctor added more anti-depressants as my mental health was not improving. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, I pursued a normal 8 to 5 office job and continued to feel worse even though I was now on a cocktail of different prescription medications. After listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Kelly Brogan, MD, I learnt that I needed to make better lifestyle choices if I wanted to improve my mental health. When you are in a very low low, the idea of changing your lifestyle seemed daunting and would that even help? I needed to eat healthy, begin exercising, take supplements, sleep more, and find a therapist. However, I figured why not give this a shot.

Fast forward a few months of researching everything about nutrition and dietary programs, I learnt just how confusing the nutrition world is. Should I go vegan, should I do a juice cleanse, should I go carnivore? What was the best and healthiest diet? It was confusing as hell. Amid my confusion, I decided to go back to school and truly learn everything there is to learn about nutrition and healing myself.

At the time, the only nutrition program in my area (Orlando, Florida) was a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition from the University of Central Florida. I decided to quit my job and dedicate myself full-

time to this new career path – destination unknown. In my very first class in exercise physiology, I fell in love with exercise science. It was fascinating to learn the impact physical activity had on a cellular level, health, and longevity. I quickly changed my focus to exercise physiology and decided to pursue nutrition afterwards.


Finding Fitness + Nutrition

After I graduated, I started my third degree in dietetics and nutrition. I had learnt during my graduate work that unless you are a registered dietitian, there are many legal limitations to the care you can provide to your clients. My dietetics studies took me away from the gym where I had become a part-time trainer, and I began interning in hospitals, ICU units, bariatric offices and even in a professional supplement distributor (actual supplements that are utilized in medical settings). I gained so much knowledge about healing an unhealthy body, being proactive with your health and how the medical community works.

After passing my dietetics exam and officially becoming a Registered Dietitian, I began working from a luxury gym in Boca Raton as a trainer and dietitian. I started fusing my two favorite worlds together to help people heal, thrive, and reach various goals. I have worked and continue to work with:

  • Professional athletes to help them improve their performance, focus and recovery.

  • Bodybuilders.

  • Recreational athletes interested in building muscle, losing body fat and/or increasing their performance and recovery.

  • Individuals struggling with their weight.

  • Individuals new to fitness, nutrition, and/or healthy living.

  • Anyone struggling with mental health, gut issues, digestive issues, food intolerances, skin issues, hormone imbalances, and more.


I have competed in NPC Figure competitions, Bret Contreras’s Strong-lifting meet-up, Spartan races and even participated in a Powerlifting competition while pregnant. I am constantly seeking new challenges that push me out of my comfort zone and help me become a better coach and dietitian.
Now, I live in Raleigh, NC helping individuals and athletes all over the world become the best version of themselves through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching.

Are you ready to change and improve your life? I would love to help you! Schedule your Meet+Connect session by clicking the button below. 

I can't wait to meet you!

In Health + Happiness, 

Dietitian Sandra

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