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  • Are you training and competing to the best of your abilities?

  • Do you struggle with adequate energy levels throughout your sport?

  • Do you run out of power or strength?

  • Do need help creating more leverage over your competition?

  • Are you able to fully recovery on your rest days?

Athletes eat, train and recover, they don’t diet, exercise and sleep.

Our nutrition performance plans are: 

  • Evidence-based and science-supported

  • ​Individually tailored to suit your your athletic needs, preferences, performance requirements and goals

  • Make your nutrition, diet, supplement regime and lifestyle work for you not against you!

Our winning nutrition plans can help you have:

  • More energy

  • Better recovery

  • Better sleep

  • Better focus

  • Be able to focus longer

  • Being able to perform at your peak when it matters most

  • Train harder

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Better hydration

  • Nutrients that ensure you stay your healthiest

  • Confidence that your nutrition is working in your favor

Benefits of a working with a Dietitian with an Exercise Physiology degree:

Working with a dietitian who is also an exercise physiologist offers you a competitive advantage to your performance. There is a different level of understanding for the energy and performance demands placed on an athlete and a higher level education on fueling for a given sport. Professionals of this caliber ensure your food is always working for you and to your sport-specific benefit. 

What to expect from your Nutrition Sessions:

  • Travel, including: change in climates, altitudes, and time-change

  • Pre-, post-, intra-workout nutrition

  • Fueling for competitions/matches/etc.

  • Rehydration protocol

  • Supplement regime

  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners for pre-, post-, and in-season training

  • Strategies for better recovery (including sleep)

  • Potential athlete-specific lab work prescription (add-on fee)

  • A new level of confidence in knowing your nutrition is working for you, not against you

During these sessions we look at your current:​​

  • Health status & any recent lab work

  • Training program and diet strategies during pre-, post-, and in-season

  • Competition plan

  • Supplement regime

  • Hydration level

  • Injuries and your proneness to issues

  • Recovery ability and protocols

  • Areas needing improvement

  • and more


Schedule your Meet + Connect Call today!


  • Initial Session: $150

  • 60min Nutrition Session: $100

  • 30min Nutrition Session: $50

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